I Hate Stupid Idiots! I Really Do! And I have Been On A Few Sites Around The Net, Including Some Cibo Sight Called "CRUMBS", and I See All My Pics, ALL OF THEM, My Own Private Pics. I Am Pissed At This Plethora of Idiot That Is In This Girl's Brain. This Is The Private Collection Of Cibo/Butter Pics.....I scanned/edited them myself so don't take any (*or ask me and then maybe*)

The Band

Six Large Beautiful Pictures From The Premiere NYC Venue Irving Plaza:


Miho Sing It Fur:
Miho Nice Glasses:
Miho: Inside "Butter" LP:
Miho and Her Objects?:
Miho Live Fur:
Miho Live Vest:


Yuka: Inside "Butter" LP:


Russ Live Fur:
Russ: Inside "Butter" LP:


Rick Love:
Rick: Inside "Butter" LP:


Miho/Mike Buffalo Daughter:
Mike Live-o:
Mike: Inside "Butter" LP:


Sleepy Evan:

Just Some Other Special Pictures!

It wasn't me it was her:
Stop Bang Bang:
Live and Dapper?:
Peace Hang Loose:
Yuka Live and Cold?:
Miho Skin Jump-Yuka Scream Jump:
Old Skool :

I Would Like To Thank Minoru Yokoo/The Buffalo Daughter Page For a Few Of These Rare Pics!!!: