Check out the "New Radicals" Video which was directed by Evan. It plays often on MTV.


Rick is doing a single date with Skeleton Key In Manhattan On New Years Eve. Check The Tour Dates!


Russell Is Doing A World Tour With JSBE In Support Of "ACME" Check The Tour Dates Section!


The Witchblade Comicbook soundtrack just came out. The tracks on which Miho is featured is track 13. "Witchy woman" and track 9. "Bruxaria". The soundtrack was done my Kat Bjelland (Babes In Toyland), and featured many other performers....More about the album will soon come.


Sean will be releasing a EP in early october for College Radio with live cuts, b-sides, and tracks from "Into The Sun"


Sean will be performing on the season premier of melrose place on Spetember 14th Watch!!! Even if you have to sit through that show!


Well Sean's video for "Home" (Spike Jonze) was nominated for an MTV Award. Odds are against him for winning...but hey....never know...(ny state lottery...loser)


Check out Evan's video for Wink's new single....it is quite odd


Sean will be on MTV's 120 Minutes Sunday 7/12/98 at Midnight, he will be a guest


Sean will be on David Letterman 6/18/98 and he will also be a feature on ABC In Concert 6/26/98....enjoy!


Sean put on a wonderful performance at the Tibetan Freedom Concert. On hand was of course Timo, and special guest Yuka. Miho was there but did not perform. I think. Pics might be up soon. I heard Buffalo Daughter was amazing! Although somewhat nervous with the large crowd they were amazing.


A whole new website will be put up in about a month for Sean....stemming staight from this sight....open it all up a little more.....with pics...tabs...news....


Cibo is writing songs now....they have yet to record....they are waiting for Sean's tour to end to go into the studio....


JSBX are perfoming a one time make-up show at Tramps May 30 in NYC....


Well I have been seeing articles about Sean in many hi-profile mags including Rolling Stone, Time, and People....which includes pics of Yuka....which is oddly weird concidering she is only in these big full page stories because she is the girlfriend of Sean...who is looked at right now as the son of a legend....Cibo never gets into these mags with full page articles.....so I believe this might erk people......


Check out Sean, Buffalo Daughter, and Luscious Jackson perform on the second day of the Tibetan Freedom Concert....that is a good concert to go to.....also Sean will be speaking against Chinese occupation of Tibet with Adam Yauch sometime soon....


Sean performed a free show tonight in the Village (NYC) @ Tower Records....Yoko was in presence causing chaos of course......he was also on MTV Live...performing "Home" the single, with Timo acoustically....the announcer (Carson Daly) didn't understand that "New Rock" on Sean's shirt was actually a Buffalo Daughter....it is a sad world we live in....


Sean's video for "Home" premiered on 120 Minutes on mtv....it was directed by Spike Jonze (where's evan)....and it uses a special camera which rolls around his body...doing some preety nice graphic video movements...a good video in all...Yuka, Timo, Miho, and some dude are all in the video of course...


Cibo will be a guest on the Beastie Boys Album....


Sean will be performing at the 3rd annual Tibetan Freedom Concert in Washington D.C. this summer.....Whether or not Yuka and Miho will join his is not known at this time......but it is expected...


Cibo Matto sophmore album is still slated for a September release....Expect extremely few dates in the summer....Maybe only in NYC before the release of the album....to try to see how performing the songs will work out........


The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is now in a New York recording studio working on a follow-up to "Now I Got Worry," which is slated for a September release. Asked about its sound, Spencer's spokesman hinted that Spencer had "Got the punk out of his system" with the last album. The band will work with a few producers, including the Dust Brothers and Andre Williams, a Motown artist from the '50's.


Skeleton Key was nominated for a Grammy Award....They lost in the catagory for "Best Packaging"....I guess they really weren't nominated but their rec. company was?


Mike Mills has done a video for the band "AIR" recently and can be seen on MTV-M2-120 Minutes mostly for the song "Sexy Boy"...it is sort of like the "BIS" video with animation etc.


Cibo Also has done a cover of Nirvana's "About A Girl" They have played it live before but it has been recorded...There is no conformation of what it will be used for....but it is definately good.....About A Girl and Who's Got The Light can often be heard on 92.3 K-Rock New York at 12:00am - 2:00am The Buzz (all indie/odd/unknown/stuff)w/ the guy from that show "Squirt TV" where Cibo performed a long time ago on MTV...


In the latest issue of "Rolling Stone" Sean Lennon is featured for his new album coming out soon on Grandroyal....In the interview he says that most of the album is about his relation with Yuka...


Cibo Matto has a unreleased song on the "Half-Baked" soundtrack called "Who's Got The Light"....this is a very new sound....not very lyrical..but groovy and electronic more than ever.....


Evan's latest video is from label mates BIS for "Tell It To The Kids"....It is an amazing graphic video...It was on "12 Angry Viewers"..They talked about Butter, Evan, Bis, and Grand Royal...The "Viewers" liked the video but found the band annoying....you really have to like the keys to get into Bis.....I love them...


Sean's album is due to be released early, early, '98 which will feature Russell and Yuka.....It is being released on Grand Royal which means it must be very interesting and innovating


You can see Miho in the new Rancid video "Live From The Tibetan Freedom Concert"...you can aslo see Miho.......I saw no footage from the elder Tibet Concert....It was footage from backstage....not on stage...for all yas wondering....I see some favoritism here...especially since EVAN BENARD directed it..I'm unsure if he directed the soon to be released home video of the Tibet Concerts


Cibo Matto is on the "Tibetan Freedom Album" Featuring Birthday Cake....to hear it go to Sonicnet's Tibetan Concert Cybercast '96....They are still working on their album

JSBE are playing new dates and they are in the Tour Date Section

Skeleton Key is also playing new dates and they are in the Tour Date Section

To my knowledge Mike Mills is doing a sort of tour with his works of art.........


Cibo Matto appeared on the season premiere of the UPN show "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". They play "Spoon" and "Sugar Water" in a buffy bar....Check back here often for re-run dates!


Skeleton Key played a free concert for the CMJ festival at the Sam Goody in the Village, NYC......On Thursday September 4th.....


Yuka will be appearing with the Dave Douglas Sanctuary, August 12 at the Knitting Factory, NYC. Also scheduled is Sean Lennon...


Cibo Matto has recieved an MTV Video Award nomination in Choreography. The nomination was for Sugar Water, directed by the amazing Michel Gondry. We are all hoping! Also Skeleton Key are going to be on Oddville MTV this Sunday 8/10...check MTV for times in your area!


Well, I'm not sure about this but I have a feeling: Cibo Matto might be on the show PBS On Tour: This will be a repeat since some of my friends told me they saw it: Check on WLIW on 2:00am Friday Early Morning Eastern Standard Time: NOT PBS: Repeats are always on WLIW So just maybe this is the right one?


Rick and Skeleton Key will be on Oddville MTVthis week: For day and time go to the site!


Well Miho, Yuka, Sean, and Timo were on Oddville MTV Wednesday night! They did Sugar Water /Mike D./ Russell/..etc./ mix. The only one who played was Yuka, at her keys, Miho sang and Sean and Timo swam and danced. They were all in "Butter" like wigs, Sean and Timo were dressed as girls..It kicked major ass....


Russell will be on the show Oddville MTV at 11:00pm Wednesday July 9th with his other band The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion...It will also be shown on Thursday at 7:00pm.


Mike Mills' art work will be on another Grandroyal bands album, called Buffalo Daughter. The LP is called Socks, Drugs, and Rock And Roll....


Jon Spencer Blues Explosion will not be playing at Lollapalooza..That sucks muy muy!!!


#1 So I was flipping through the Village Voice (NYC Newspaper) and I was looking for the Cake Like show at Brownie's and other concerts coming up and i saw this ad -MORE MUSIC FOR TIBET-Featuring Skeleton Key (Rick), Railroad Jerk (Didn't like them last time I saw them) and Guest DJ's: MIHO HATORI: I was like oh baby that would have kicked ass but even if i found out about it earlier I wouldn't be allowed in because it was an 18 & over show at the Westbeth Theatre...

#2 Miho Is now working with Kat Bjelland of Babes In Toyland on a song for the Witchblade soundtrack...Kat & Miho..I expect screaming lots of it...

#3 Yuka is producing Sean Lennon's debut album which also includes Miho duets...


So I was flipping through the Village Voice (NYC Newspaper) and I was looking for the Cake Like show at Brownie's and other concerts coming up and i saw this ad -MORE MUSIC FOR TIBET-Featuring Skeleton Key (Rick), Railroad Jerk (Didn't like them last time I saw them) and Guest DJ's: Miho Hatori: I was like oh baby that would have kicked ass but even if i found out about it earlier I wouldn't be allowed in because it was an 18 & over show at the Westbeth Theatre...


Join Russell And Rick for a live chat on Tuesday, June 10th at SUCKER. Also the show plays a lot of Butter 08, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and Skeleton Key so check out the old shows to hear some Butter if you haven't already...


#1 Rick is now touring with his other band Skeleton Key and will be performing on the second stage at Lollapalooza.....

#2 Russell is now on tour with his other band The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion who will be performing on the main stage at Lollapalooza.....