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Here is my Cibo Matto review when they played at

Tramps NYC March 15, 1997

Here is my review for Cibo Matto at Tramps NYC March 15, 1997: Well I arrived at Tramps in NYC right when the doors opened so I would get right the hell in front. Though it was a four hour, yes I said four hour wait it was well worth it. Anyway the Pulsars came on, then Railroad Jerk and finally Cibo Matto w/ Sean Lennon of coarse. They opened with Spoon and then played Le Pain Perdu. Off there albums they played Birthday Cake, Spoon, Le Pain Perdu,and a kick ass rendition of Beef Jerky. Then they played a whole lot of new songs and Blue Moon, it was amazing, my friend and some girl hed lighters up but I didn't have one so I put my #1 finger up and she smiled, it was cool. Alright so then Miho stage dives into the audience and lands on top of me, well I and others tried to pass her around but instead she flew over the barracade and screamed into the mic out of pure fun, it was really hyper. Then ater a few songs it came to an end with Miho using her octave changer pedal saying "It is getting closer" 500 times and it was echoed and everyone thought she was evil and Sean was making some noises in the background. Overall this was the most amazing performance I have ever seen. It actually was much better than the mainstream Smashing Pumpkins and Garbage. I can't wait to see them again w/ Ima and Yoko Ono.

Well if you Miho or Yuka are reading this right now I would just like to say your frigin awesome and you kick ass with butter 08 also...

Goodbye for now...Peter Lauricella