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Cibo Matto/Yoko Ono and Ima/Mark Ribot/Arto Lindsay

April 3, 1997

This was a sold out benefit concert for Dougie Bowne who is one of the top drummers in New York. He has worked with both John Cale and Iggy Pop. He was a member of the Lounge Lizards for over a decade and also worked with Cibo Matto and Mark Ribot including many, many other. The concert raised money for his hospitalization when he became afflicted with leukoencephalapathy last autumn

Since this is a Cibo Matto page we will talk about their performance. Ok well they were amazing just as always. They went through the same songs as the other concert in NY. They played BBQ-Spoon-Beef Jerky-Know Your Chicken-Birthday Cake-The 5-4-3-2-1 song that i want to know the name of (give it to me please if you know)-and other newbies I don't remember. The audience was so anti-fun. There were about 5 people in the front with me singing and pogoing along. There were all these 50 year old lovers. I got told to stop clapping for Cibo Matto because my claps were hurting his ears so I told him to shut-up and kept on. Then there was this guy swinging his arms and his shirt off and his ass hanging out hitting people and everyone moved away and I moved in to there spots. . I thought it was over and I was sad but then they came back on....with an orchestra. It kicked ass. Russell Simins from The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Butter 08 also, came on and sat down with Miho and sang Aguas De Marco. It was beautiful. They also did a cover of a Dougie Bowne song. Over all a beutiful show. The whole 6 hours of standing.

Goodbye Peter Lauricella